Searching for the Top Rated Dog Training Business in Niagara?

Finding the perfect school for your dog is not an easy task. Below we have put together a list of dog trainers to help make your search easier. These choices have not been endorsed but rather gathered from word of mouth, internet ratings and social media searches.

Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy

136 rated this business 4.7 stars


About Dave McMahon

Dave’s interest in dog training began at the age of 10 years old. Dave competed in Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) dog obedience trials with his dogs. By age of 12 years old Dave told his mom when he grew up that he wanted to be a professional dog trainer and have his own school. He got his school but never grew up LOL.

“I love what I do every day of my life, I have made my passion my profession.”

I help people and their dogs, I know that I make a difference in their lives.”

Dave is on the Board of Directors with the Niagara Falls Humane Society.

Dave is the Originator of the First Command Response dog training system that is being used Internationally.

Dave McMahon is a consultant to rescue groups on the assessment and temperament of dogs that are adopted.

Dog Training Niagara Falls - Fix Your Dog

11 rated this business 4.9 stars


About Anthony the Dog Wizard

Welcome to Dog Training Niagara Falls. Where master dog trainer Anthony will help you. Known as the Dog Wizard. Anthony helps dogs all over the world and is known to be one of the only dog trainers on the planet to rehabilitate dogs when no one else can in record time. The hardest case took 3 weeks. If the world's worst behaved dog took 3 weeks how long will yours take? Trust me you don't have a bad dog unless it has put 2 people in the hospital in 1 day!

Corbie's Dog Training

22 rated this business 4.8 stars


About Corbie's Methods

The obedience school experience isn't for everyone. Some people would prefer the comfort of their own homes; some would rather work with their dogs one-on-one.Regardless of your reasons, you don't have to go to obedience school to get great dog training. Corbie's Dog Training takes a different approach from most dog training schools and centres in Niagara.Instead of putting you and your dog into a class outside of your home, you'll meet one-on-one with a trainer -the only dog trainer in Niagara with a post-secondary degree in animal behaviour!

The Perfect Pack Niagara

11 rated this business 5 stars


About Jessye

Jessye has been a Professional Dog Walker for four years and a Professional Dog Trainer for the last two years. She is passionate and dedicated to improving dogs lives. Jessye is a graduate of an extensive dog training program where she obtained her Master Dog Trainer’s Certificate. She completed over 1400 hours of hands-on balanced dog training over a span of 15 months, giving her first-hand experience with a wide range of dog behaviour problems (and solutions) & dog breeds, fool-proof obedience training, and exposure as lead dog trainer instructing up to 40 dogs/owners at once.

Jane Book Dog Obedience School

23 rated this business 4.7 stars


About Jane Book

  • B. Sc. Honours University of Guelph

  • Studied Animal Behaviour at University of Guelph

  • Canadian Kennel Club/Am. Kennel Club  and Australian Shepherd Club of America Tracking Judge.

  • Sporting Detection Dog Association (SDDA), Canadian Kennel Club Scent Work and American Kennel Club Scent Detection Judge

  • Agility Association of Canada National Qualifier

  • Instructor with Say Yes Dog Training online dog classes.

Jane has been teaching dog training in Beamsville, ON  since ‘89 using positive reinforcement training for family pets. My students have accomplished multiple titles in many disciplines which include obedience, rally, tracking, agility and scent detection.

All information gathered straight from the source and presented in no particular order.

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