Is your dog as happy as you?

Unlike their human counterparts dogs really do rely on body language to express how they feel. Here are they key tell tale signs that your dog is happy.

It's all about the tail

Dogs use their tails to show happiness. Tail will sit high and wag joyfully back and forth.

It's all about the ears

Floppy ears illustrate calmness. Content dogs will relax their ears and show they are content with their environment.

It's all about the body

Loose shoulders and a soft gaze show your pets willingness to follow the pack.

It's all about playfulness

Leaping around, playing fetch, tag or a good game of tug'o'war communicates your pets happiness.

It's all about the lean

A relaxed and happy dog will lean into you. Enjoying pats and belly rubs.

It doesn't take much to make your dog truly happy. At the end of the day it is all about love, safety and a full belly.

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