At-home pet grooming tips

Keeping your pet groomed can be a lot of work, but here are a few tips that can help make the process easier.

Bath Time

I am going to keep this one simple with bullet form suggestions as bath time can be a stressful ordeal for your pet.

  • brush your pet

  • clear the bathroom of clutter

  • have pet shampoo ready

  • have towels nearby and one on the floor

  • once pet enters bathing area, shut the door (you will thank me for this one)

  • make sure to rinse your pet thoroughly as soap can be an irritant

  • if you blow dry your pet on a cool setting and do not point directly at the skin as not to burn them


Let's face it, not all pets enjoy getting their nails trimmed and the vet or salon can get expensive. No problem, invest in a nail grinder. It is less evasive and the likelihood of catching the quick is very unlikely.


A great cure for tangles is talc powder or baby powder. That's right, a little of this stuff sprinkled on your pet's coat will help loosen tangled fur while brushing. Scented talc also makes your pet smell nice as well.


Shed no more (or a lot less) with a deshedding tool. This is a great way to reduce the quantity of pet hair in your home.

Always remember, treats go a long way helping to train your pet to make grooming a much easier task. And worse case, there are many groomers that would be happy to help make your pet picture perfect.

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